Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Most Inspiring: Brad Beesley

I found Brad Beesley to be the most inspirational guest speaker this semester. After working extensively with one of the most influential psychadelic rock bands of the 80s, 90s, and present, I thought he might act kind of snobby and withdrawn. Like a rock star, I guess. However, he was very down-to-Earth and willing to talk about anything. He is the most inspirational guest speaker to me because he started off like me: a young filmmaker with a greater ambition and a deep love for music. If I had to pick a "dream job", it would be to follow good musicians around with a camera and crew to make documentaries about them. I have never been able to make up my mind about whether I want to pursue my musical or film ambitions, but Brad Beesley showed me that it's possible to combine my two passions into one profession. Brad also showed me the importance of immersing yourself into the characters in your documentary. In Okie Noodling, Brad personally took the time to learn the techniques and form a relationship with the locals. It showed me that as documentarians, it is essential to form a trust between yourself and your subjects, even when that means stepping well outside your comfort zone. As I pursue my film and musical ambitions, I'll always remember that unlikely doesn't mean impossible. I just have to be willing to apply myself and keep my dreams alive.

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