Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How We Learn

A common complaint that students have in classes is that they didn't get to do anything. Some classes you leave and there's nothing to look back on. Sometimes there's nothing to go back and remember the class by. This semester I've learned how valuable it is to create anything at all. Just do anything at all that demands something of yourself. Everything from the in-camera edits to the final short doc it was challenging and rewarding to have to constantly show progress.

This class taught me that the more you work with film the more you realize your own weaknesses. When you work with the amount of media we did this semester you get a healthy dose of what you're doing wrong. And then the next project always gives you a new opportunity to improve upon that. It allows you to look at what you're used to doing and making improvements upon that.

Now I never want to a finished product without at least six of my peers looking over my shoulder as I work on it. A few years ago I might have told you that I hated getting edited within tyring to complete the project. Now I've learned that continuous editing from people can only expand your perspective and make your final product all that much stronger. Its better to get the bad opinions now, before there's nothing you can do about it.

Finally, I'm just thrilled to have worked together with someone else on a short doc that turned out very well. Collaboration can be a tough concept, but this project was one that benefited greatly from having two sets of eye balls on it the whole time. It can be so helpful to have that extra help especially when the stress of the project becomes too much to handle.

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  1. It is interesting that you talk of collaboration because so many are scared of it!

    Most people, myself included many times, are always hesitant to work with others because so many conflicts can arise, whether logistically or creatively. It can many times be easier to work alone, get what you want, and be on your way. But it can be a HUGE disadvantage not to collaborate, for we actually need more help than we think.

    There are so many tasks that go into documentary filmmaking that it is almost impossible to do everything alone. On the creative side, some people see things differetly than others and that is extremely important. Sometimes I look at things and see something, and someone else sees something completely different, and I say "wow, I never thought of it that way."

    Collaboration can sometimes be a downfall but more times than not it is a giant asset. All it takes is finding a way to work together. Sometimes the best ideas and projects are formed out of collaboration.

    I know during my shoot there were many times I realized that I needed more people there for their eyes and ears. While the nature of my film was one that it was difficult to work beside others because of logistics, the rule of thumb is definitely one I walk away with in this class.

    Use the brains of those around you!