Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Student Profile

Here's the edited version of Matt Benavidez profile:

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  1. Great, blogger lost my response, so I'll give it a second try...

    Great job! The lighting, the location, the perspective are all well done. I like how you started with his face first and then revealed his tattoo later on. Your editing made the project a lot stronger, alternating between a talking head and the tattoo. Also, you utilized your last shot again very well. You could have done an Errol Morris type effect and had him say something epitomizing his story as a VO under that last shot of him just staring at the camera.
    I'm still yearning for more, though. Why? Why does he spend $1000 for pain, being unique, and freaking out his parents? There seems to a deeper reasoning at hand. It would have been interesting to explore that.
    My revelation with this project was that I was too concerned with the restrictions and less concerned with what the most important thing in a film is - a story with substance. Delving deep into the "bottom of things" is usually a place where the most interesting stories live. I like how you found a good interesting story, but maybe just scratched the surface.
    Despite my belief that the true worth of a film is the elegance and power of its story, you did a fine job bringing home with your well executed techniques (i.e. framing, editing, mise-en-scene). Very very good.