Sunday, February 8, 2009

Video Contest

Environment Texas Solar Power Video Competition - $2000 grand prize - Under 4 min. - deadline: March 1st, 2009

Texas has the greatest solar resource potential in the nation. We can protect our environment and move to a cleaner energy future by using our technological know how to tap into solar energy.

To help get the word out about Texas' solar power potential, Environment Texas is hosting a video contest on the subject of solar power in Texas.

We want you to create your most persuasive video about why we need more solar power in Texas. What's your vision for solar in our state? We'll use the winning videos to help decision-makers imagine a better energy future. Your video will be a critical part of an effort to educate city councils, the Texas Legislature, and lawmakers in the state.

-- Grand Prize winner will receive $2000 prize, and will be featured on our Web site.

-- First runner up will win $500 and a free membership to Environment Texas.

-- Second runner up will receive an Environment Texas t-shirt.

Speak to Ellen if you're interested in entering

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